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Hey There

Thanks for stopping by, are you ready to shop? All our products are illustrated and imagined by Henrietta's World, a place where imagination is everything. It doesn't matter if you are a child or even a grown-up

All About Me

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Hello, my name is Nicola, and I am the creator of Henrietta's World. You wouldn't believe how many people think my name is Henrietta, haha! As a young child I had a BIG imagination, and you would often find me in my bedroom happily writing short stories, drawing, or out and about with my friends exploring one of my many imaginary worlds. This is what inspired Henrietta's World, as the possibilities seemed endless when I was kid, and I would love to pass on my passion and values for creativity, adopting a growth mindset, and simply enjoying what you do when it comes to "work"

Back in  2017 I published my first children's book - The Chocolate Kingdom - which is all about a young hippo called Henrietta who likes to visit one of her many imaginary worlds with her two best friends each school playtime. Henrietta is my inner child, so you can probably imagine how it feels for me when I hear feedback about the creative ideas that kids come up with when they read my stories

In addition to my stories, I am also a digital illustrator, and this skill only really came about during the pandemic while we were all locked up indoors. Since then I have launched a range of products which are all illustrated by me, including greetings cards, t-shirts, and even nursery art prints. If it wasn't for the pandemic making me slow down and tap into a skill I haven't flexed for many years, who knows if any of this would have happened. You have to look for those silver linings sometimes, don't you agree?

Thank you,


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