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When the school bell rings for the start of playtime, Henrietta is always the first one to the big blue swings, ready to visit one of her fantasy worlds with her two best friends, Tommy and Gigi. 


The magical hopscotch is the entrance into all of Henrietta's fantasy worlds, where imagination really is everything.

Even superheroes



Join Henrietta the Hippo, Gigi the Giraffe, and Tommy the Toucan as they embark on another playground adventure. 


Meet the characters

Get to know Henrietta and her 2 best friends. Who is your favourite?




Get to know the author

Get to know the person behind Henrietta's World. Learn about Nicola's childhood and how Henrietta was created.


The Chocolate Kingdom

In Henrietta's first adventure, she visits the Chocolate Kingdom to help her friend, Princess Ellea, save the kingdom from a grumpy dragon called Denny.

Henrietta and her friends have until the end of playtime to save the Kingdom. Will they have enough time?

Henrietta's first adventure is now available to buy online. 

Just read your book & myself and both my kids loved it. Such a lovely story for all ages. Thank you and Happy Christmas xx

Clare Vaughan, UK

My kids absolutely love Henrietta Hippo especially Ellea my little girl, as she is the princess in the story... cannot wait for more adventures from Henrietta , this is a great buy for all young children."

Rachel Robinson, UK

Colour with Henrietta

Printable colouring pages for the kids



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