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Behind the Words

From a young age I always had a creative imagination. I had a variety of imaginary friends, and in the playground at school I would take my friends on adventures to my own imaginary worlds, just like Henrietta. My friends would totally get lost in my imagination with me and I felt unstoppable. At the age of nine, I created Henrietta the Hippo while writing short stories in my bedroom. I always liked drawing animals for some reason, but my biggest inspiration was always Jacqueline Wilson, her books were always so captivating and relatable. 

As a child I always loved using my imagination and one day, when all grown up, I wanted to eventually become a children's author. It took me a while, but I am pretty proud to say that I made my own childhood dream come true, but it took some effort and the courage to believe in myself.

Being a child of the 80's, I look around me and see how technology has changed the way children are brought up these days. We live and breathe technology, what would we be without it? I mean, what kid doesn't know how to unlock an iPad? But that is a topic for another day, but not one we should ignore. 

With Henrietta's World, I want to encourage children to play with their friends using their imagination and for them to develop skills that bring out their creativity, curiosity and confidence.  The possibilities really are endless. 

- Nicola Houlton


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